How Chatbots Can Make Your Sales Process Easier and more Cost-Efficient

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Chatbots can help generate leads leading to increase in conversions and sales. According to Point Source Global Chatbot Report, it is reported that 34% of consumers spent more with the presence of chatbots and 49% of consumers are eager to shop more often. Moreover, 70% of consumers have reported that they prefer messaging rather than calling customer support and thus, chatbots are said to save businesses at least 30% in customer services.

So the question boils down to how exactly can a Bot help you increase your sales and save you costs.

Think of it this way, imagine the Bot as your sales assistant, helping you walk your customers through the sales funnel which consists of the following phases.

Awareness Phase: Customers are notified and made aware of your business

Chatbots can help you bring in customers by many different methods. It can be done through bot marketing, bot built-in on Webpage, email campaigns, pop-ups, etc. The list goes on. With the use of Chatbots on websites and through link send outs, the magnitude of people reached has been proven to be at least 10 times more than that of the methods commonly used.

Interest and Evaluation Phase: Customers start to show interest in your product and analyze whether to buy or not

Customer support is crucial in this stage. By being able to attend to the customer’s needs, it increases the chances of purchase immensely. The Bot can be programmed to assist your customer with what they are looking for by chatting with them just as if you were the one who is directly consulting them. This does not only saves you from conflicts and customer dissatisfaction due to misappropriate behaviours of the employees, but also saves you cost on hiring customer service support. The Bot can be programmed to assist your customer, segregate them, and also collect and store valuable data on customer’s preferences.
Moreover, as the Bot is able to communicate with many different customers at once, it also saves the cost on the loss of impatient customers.

Decision and Purchase Phase: Customers have chosen what they want and proceed to checkout.

Once your Bot has successfully tended to the needs and curiosity of your customer, it’s time to guide your customer through the check out process. Your Bot can redirect your customer to the webpage for check out with all the chosen articles in place, making the shopping experience as smooth as possible and ensuring your customers don’t give up on their carts due to having to deal with too many complicated steps.

After the purchase is successful, you can program your chatbot to reconfirm their order and send out their tracking information. It can further assist your customers on delivery status, retoure process or in complex cases, connect them with a person in control.

Furthermore, did you know that approximately 60% of users abandon their carts while shopping online?Your chatbot could also be programmed further to recommend other products, remind your customer from time-to-time about their abandoned shopping cart or to inform them of great deals or promotions coming up. This not only maximizes your sales potentials but also help retain and remind your customers to come back and check out the new collection.


By 2020 80% of all businesses around the globe will have implemented a chatbot into their business. Chatbots have been proven to bring great value to businesses in terms of increases in sales and revenue as well as customer satisfaction and customer retentions. They are not only efficient in terms of handling your business more smoothly but also cost-efficient, saving you up to 30% on customer service support.

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