12 Reasons Why You Should Use a Chatbot for Your Business

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  • 49% of consumers are willing to shop more often with a chatbot. – Point Source Global Chatbot Report.

  • 34% of consumers will spend more when chatbots are present.

  • Roughly 60% of shopping carts are left abandoned each day. -Digital Doughnut.

  • Connect with potential customers who come onto your website and prevent them from leaving the website.

  • 75% of leads are likely to convert with personalised messages addressing them or greeting them in their native language – Increase personalised customer experience with the ability to programme the Bot to respond in multi-languages and address your customers with their names.

  • Easier and faster response to commonly asked questions. This saves your customer’s time, gives them a stress-free shopping experience and increases your reliability.

  • 11.5% of all inquiries are related to delivery status. Save your customer’s time by not have to look up the section to ask for the details and also saves you manpower having someone manually look it up.

  • Over 70% of customers consider speed as the most important factor for customer service. With a chatbot, when all lines are busy, you can automate a message asking the customers to leave their contact details and get back to them later.

  • 24/7 lead generating and extracting valuable contact details beforehand – ready for you to take action when you wake up.

  • Boost sales by making sure your customers are informed about your special promotions.

  • By 2020, 80% of businesses around the globe will have chatbots implemented into their websites and social media pages.

  • Customer retention – Make sure your customers are happy and don’t forget about you by sending them exclusive deals and benefits.

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